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Crazy Cheap Airfares to Europe After August 15th

Cheap flights to Europe are still out there. Travel is booming, and it’s clear travelers are itching to get back to Europe this year or next. From London to Rome and even Lisbon, five of the top 20 destinations to which travelers are searching for flights using Google Flights are in Europe – compared to a big fat zero this time last year.

If you’re part of that trend, you aren’t seeing things: Flight prices are going up. But just because you’re seeing some higher prices for transatlantic flights doesn’t mean you should write off a trip to Europe … far from it, because I’ve got good news:

Over the last few weeks alone, our team has dug up some fantastic fares to the best European destinations for a trip this year or next.

CRAZY CRAZY PRICES to Europe on August 16th from Chicago and Milwaukee – from $493 RT – Do you like this map view? let us know below 


CHICAGO TO BARCELONA THIS FALL – AS LOW AS $487RT with night in Copenhagen – 




LONDON ON SALE — August to October – from $548 RT!!! Denver – London with 24 hours in Munich – $607RT in Aug Denver – London with 24 hours in Munich – $548RT in Sep Chicago – London – $607RT in Aug – 


******* Germany summer deal – 9€ Monthly train/bus pass***** For 9 euros, you can travel throughout Germany on local/regional trains for a whole month in June, July or August. (Excludes HiSpeed trains). Great for the backpacker/hostel budget travelers 

europe on sale

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