top 10 hot chocolates in london

Top 10 Hot Chocolates in London

There is nothing quite like a piping hot chocolate on a cold wintry English day. This comfort beverage offers just the right amount of sweet and heat that can help get you through the rest of your winter day. For an exceptional cup of cocoa, try one of these cafes below, and step in from the cold.  Offering up all types of chocolate treats, each of these cafes have award-winning hot chocolate, some optionally infused with ginger spice, cardamom and nutmeg. Just be sure to check your chocolate-stained teeth afterwards!

It’s the one thing you see people cradling around Brick Lane, no matter what day it is. The ultimate hot chocolate drink that can come flavoured (think Hazelnut Praline or Hot Chilli) and topped with as many chocolate shavings as you could possibly want.

141 Brick Lane, near Shoreditch High Street station, E1 6SB.


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