cheap flights to mexico city

Cheap Flights: Chicago to Mexico City This Summer – As Low As $234 RT

Want to get a cheap flight to Mexico City Mexico from Chicago?  Now you can with these cheap flights. Now is your chance as the prices to Mexico City have plummeted and you can get a cheap flight from Chicago to Mexico City on select dates from June to December for only $240 RT on United from late August through late October.


cheap flights to mexico city


cheap flights to mexico city


1 Zocalo

Arguably the heart of Mexico City, this vast square — officially named the Plaza de la Constitucion — is bordered by the Palacio Nacional and grand colonnaded buildings. This is where you come to gain a snapshot of the city: cars speed around the outskirts while street vendors crush up against the Metropolitan Cathedral, selling everything from tacos to kitsch collectables stamped with the face of Frida Kahlo. The Zocalo is often filled with the cluttered assembly of various parades and religious events; at Christmas it’s fitted out in neon.

2 Templo Mayor

 Mexico City is built over the remains of the legendary Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. In 1978, maintenance men from a local electrical company were doing routine excavation work to the north-east of the Zocalo. What they discovered was a huge stone disc (3.25 metres in diameter) engraved with the dismembered figure of Coyolxauhqui, the Aztec moon goddess. Subsequent archaeological digs have unearthed more than 7000 objects and part of the enormous Templo Mayor, an important religious structure in Tenochtitlan. The terrific museum is a must-see.

3 Casa de los Azulejos

Once an 18th-century palace, the House of Blue Tiles is now a home to the flagship store of the Sanborn’s restaurant chain. In a venue popular for decades with artists and politicians, patrons eat tortilla soup and quesadillas beneath stunning murals by Orozco and Pacologue. Curiously, because Mexico City was built on Tenochtitlan (which itself was built on top of a lake), parts of the metropolis are now sinking. If you have dinner on the upper floor, hold on to the breadsticks.

4 Mexico City Metro

Ignore the naysayers: the oft-maligned metro network is not as dangerous as people think, it’s incredibly cheap and it’s the second-largest train system in North America, turning a vast and complicated city into an open book. Plus, the stations are filled with charming flourishes that celebrate the city’s rich cultural offerings. The Templo Mayor may be pretty much gone but visit the Zocalo station for an illuminating scale model.



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22nd June – 01 July – Chicago to Mexico City – Just $234 RT
2nd-10th Jul
2nd-12th Jul
2nd-13th Jul
3rd-10th Jul – Chicago to Mexico City – Just $234 RT on United
4th-18th Jul
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14th-25th Jul
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19th-26th Jul
19th-29th Jul
20th-29th Jul
15th-22nd Aug
16th-24th Aug – Chicago to Mexico  City – Just $239 RT
17th-24th Aug
17th-29th Aug
18th-29th Aug
22nd-29th Aug
22nd-30th Aug

7Nov – 14 Nov 

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