Cheap Flights: Chicago to Bogota Colombia – Just $392 RT Through June

We have found some great flights for you almost everyday from Chicago to Bogota, Colombia in April through June 21 departures.  These cheap flights from Chicago to Bogota Colombia are only $392 RT ($405 RT on American using the Oneworld airline choice on left side when search is completed).   Colombia is South America’s second most populated country and it is home to an astonishing 10% of the world’s biodiversity. The country is emerging from the dark shadow of its reputation for kidnapping and drugs to become the highlight of many people’s visits to South America. It’s the new “it” spot to visit (and move to). Fans of history and archaeology will enjoy Bogota’s many museums but will be truly impressed by the Tierradentro, Lost City, and San Agustín sites. Beyond the history, you can also find beautiful beaches, wild dancing, delicious food, and great nightlife in Colombia. You can use the travel tips here to plan your dream trip. Don’t let the media fool you — Colombia is amazing!  In Colombia, you will not simply savor a cup of coffee, but see where it’s made. You can learn to dance salsa in Cali or admire graffiti artists in Bogotá. And art buffs, don’t forget to check out Botero’s sculptures in Medellin. When in need of some quietude, you can linger in one of the many idyllic Andean pueblitos such as Villa de Leyva, Jardín or Jericó. Be open to local people and you will be amazed by the Colombians’ hospitality.



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Colombia’s capital is a mishmash of architecture: skyscrapers tower over intricate churches and cafe-lined plazas. Bogotá also has excellent museums with free entry on Sundays. Be sure to stop into the Museo del Oro to see one of the world’s largest collections of gold. The city also has an incredible nightlife that goes late into the morning. No matter what you’re into you be able to find something of interest here!


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Trek to the Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) – Discovered in 1972, Ciuadad Perdida is the remains of an ancient city lying in the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia. Visitors make the lengthy trip through the jungle to see the 169 terraces built into the mountainside. A 6-day trek will cost around 700,000 COP per person.




Bogotá offers a wide array of restaurants, cafes and museums (don’t miss the Gold Museum—El Museo del Oro—on Parque Santander). But the city stands out for one particular sight: its graffiti scene. Contrary to pretty much any other country in the world, here this form of art has been legalized. Instead of creating quick, crude and rushed drawings painted in the darkest hours of the night, in Bogotá graffiti artists can leisurely work during the day—the police will come and admire the scene instead of sending them away. Many of the graffiti projects are paid for by the government or are commissioned by the owners of the buildings.   A free two-hour tour leads you along dozens of artworks in El Parque de Los Periodistas. The guide gives you insight into this culture, explaining the differences in graffiti styles, the materials artists work with and how to recognize the signatures of renowned graffiti artists.

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