cheap flights to Geneva, Switzerland.

Cheap Flights: Denver to Geneva Switzerland – Just $471 RT in May and June

Check out these great cheap flights from Denver to Geneva Switzerland – Just $471 RT in May and June on United – check out all the date combos below.    At the far western end of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) and almost at the French border, Geneva has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and international flavor as a result of being headquarters for a number of multinational corporations and associations. The Red Cross was founded in Geneva in 1865, and from 1920 to 1946, the city was the headquarters of the United Nations. It is almost entirely surrounded by France and connected to the rest of Switzerland only by the lake and a narrow land strip along its northwest shore.

The old town rises on a hillside above the Rhône River, which flows from the lake, and its picturesque old streets and flights of steps are dominated by the cathedral. On three sides, the old town is surrounded by a ring of buildings and broad streets that trace the line of Geneva’s ancient fortifications. The business center lies below the old town to the north and in the Saint-Gervais quarter. The lake front, along which you’ll find many of Geneva’s tourist attractions, is lined by elegant promenades, parks, and gardens.


cheap flights to Geneva, Switzerland.

Denver, USA

Geneva, Switzerland

Denver, USA

Availability from May to June 2017

Example dates:
11th-20th May
13th-22nd May
13th-23rd May
14th-23rd May
14th-24th May
17th-27th May
18th-27th May
18th-28th May
19th-28th May
19th-29th May
20th-29th May
20th-30th May
21st-30th May
21st-31st May
22nd-31st May
23rd May – 1st Jun
23rd May – 2nd Jun
24th May – 2nd Jun
24th May – 3rd Jun
25th May – 3rd Jun
25th May – 4th Jun
26th May – 4th Jun
26th May – 5th Jun
27th May – 5th Jun
27th May – 6th Jun
28th May – 6th Jun
28th May – 7th Jun
1st-11th Jun
2nd-11th Jun
2nd-12th Jun
5th-14th Jun
5th-15th Jun
6th-16th Jun
7th-16th Jun
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